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Tips To Have A Comfortable Backyard Movie Night Excursion

With summer getting half way over, there is still plenty of time to enjoy it. I am sure many are taking advantage of getting out, and those of us with kids need to get them out of the house, it is also important to find things to keep us all busy around the house.

One thing that summer allows us to enjoy is the backyard. From playing, to Mia’s 4 wheeling, Brooklin’s hill climbing, and playing fetch with the dog, the back yard serves so many uses. But we also have our amusement park passes and love what they have to offer.

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Until then enjoy the great outdoors. With the warming evenings, plan an outdoor movie night for the family and/or friends. Our local city park puts on a Movie at the Park night, which is fun, but limited. So we like to make our own. Sometimes the kids like to sleep outdoors, so setting up a tent and play area is so much fun to them. It lets them enjoy the feel of the outdoors, the noises, breeze and just freedom. And to make it even more fun with their friends we setup a TV so they can relax and watch a fun movie or show on Verizon FiOS or play a video game.

But they love to do the movie experience with popcorn and comfort. Here are some tips to make for a comfortable backyard movie experience. This fun backyard excursion can let you get away to the outdoors and movie theater while have the comfort and ease of your own home.

Here are 8 Things to Consider for a Backyard Movie Night Excursion:

  • Plan Your Setting – Maybe setting up a tent is best, or if you’re lucky and have nice evening weather and little bugs the great outdoors may be your best bet. Nothing like enjoying a movie under the stars!
  • Flooring Control – Having a tarp may be useful if your grass holds moisture or the surface is dirty. I would recommend a nice heavy blanket or pad if possible to make sure your area is soft. Having a family of 5, there will be lots of horseplay leading up to and during movie time.
  • TV, Laptop, Or Streaming Device – I prefer to setup an HDTV, luckily it’s always dry here in southern California. But if that’s too much, try to find something suitable, a computer and monitor may work too. Using Verizon FIOS lets us stream movies with ease. And if we do use the TV and set top box, we have an endless possibilities of movies.
  • Internet, they can play games or watch streamed shows and movies.

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  • Blankets & Pillows For Comfort – Having blankets and pillows is important also because the temperature will drop in the evening and some people just get cooler than others. Depending on your area, prepare for the even weather and temps.
  • Lighting – Make sure the area has lighting for any restroom breaks. I advise to cut the lights down as much as possible, so keeping a lantern or small flashlight is good for unexpected coming and going.
  • Snacks and Drinks – Get the drinks and snacks ready and easy to handle to prevent disturbances during the movie. Having some bottles of water or other drinks for the kids is key to a good time. Using a small cooler is great because it can contain the mess while keeping it cool.

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  • Sound System – Depending on what kind of video player you use, make sure you have good sound. If you decide to use a tablet, maybe hook up an external speaker. Nothing like not being able to hear the movie. Luckily being outdoors allows for more noise, more space. Enjoy it!


If the whole backyard movie theater is too much, just pull up a chair and relax. The kids like to sit around the fire pit and with Verizon FiOS Internet, they can play games or watch streaming shows and movies. And if you want to avoid the backyard and hit Disneyland, Knott’s, or Magic Mountain, enter the Verizon FiOS SoCal Summer Fun Sweepstakes and end the summer with a blast!


For the barbeques and other backyard excursions, FiOS Music Choice channels have all the best summer hits and jams with choices from mostly everyone. Who doesnt love some great music!?!

How Have You Enjoyed Your Backyard This Summer?