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Summer Learning With Bright World e-Books

This is a partnered post with Bright World e-Books. Brooklin 6 Year Old Riding Girls Hello Kitty Bike

Our girls have had such a fun summer and while they love to play outside it’s very hot during the day here in California. I have to find something to keep them having fun and learning indoors on those hot days and while I like to craft and have fun it’s nice to have quiet playtime too. Something that doesn’t require a ton of work or clean up after.

Discover fun learning and adventures with Bright World eBooks is a digital reading experience that blends non-fiction reading, 3D exploration, and content-supportive gaming into one vocabulary-rich package.Bright-World-ebooks-1

The apps are cutting edge and put a creative spin on traditional books by including 3D animation and gaming. With summer rapidly approaching and school bells not due to chime daily, Bright World eBooks is an app that your kids can immerse themselves in without you feeling guilty during the summer break. Plus it’s really fun to play too and our girls love exploring the ocean. Ocean 6

Bright World eBooks is unique for creatively combining the entertainment that games such as Angry Birds offers with a learning experience that will help kids in school.

Download the App today to get started! 

How do you keep your kids having fun this summer indoors?