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Love Comfort? Must Have Organic Bedding

Lenas Organic Goods Cotton Blanket Bedding (7)

The one thing I don’t want to think twice about is comfort when it comes to my kids. Bedtime is such a comforting time of day and I want nothing more after a long day than to help them drift off to sleep.

Organic Bedding is something we have long considered for our family and I know it’ what is best for them.

Lenas Organic Goods Cotton Blanket Bedding (6)

Lena’s Organic and Natural Goods has everything your family needs when it comes to organic begging and household items.  Like this Cotton Organic Chenille Blanket.

Lenas Organic Goods Cotton Blanket Bedding (9)

A beautiful herringbone stitch accentuates the elegance of this soft and plush organic cotton blanket. It is made of 100% organic cotton that is fully undyed. Makes a great bed spread for any bed or a wonderful throw blanket for the throw size! This blanket is incredibly soft and plush!

This organic cotton blanket is a medium weight allowing it to keep one warmer than other organic cotton blankets, though its looser stripe stitching allows more aeration than the earth brown organic cotton chenille blanket. For cooler nights it is recommended to use this blanket in conjunction with our all season wool comforter.

Lenas Organic Goods Cotton Blanket Bedding (8)

You would machine wash and dry this blanket the same as you would any other blanket, though please note this blanket is not pre-shrunk and so it does need to be washed and dried when you initially receive it in order for it to shrink to its proper size. Made in the USA of USA organic cotton.

Lenas Organic Goods Cotton Blanket Bedding (5)

I really like that you can get this blanket in every size including king, which means it’s the perfect blanket for anyone’s bed. I also think for the quality of organic materials this is a great buy.

Check out Lena’s Organic and Natural Goods for this and everything you need for an eco-friendly life!