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Help Your Kids Avoid Brain Drain This Summer With The Brain Chase Treasure Hunt – $10,000 Scholarship

This is a partnered post with Brain Chase and The Motherhood.
We are both happy parents now that summer is here, well for the most part. We finally get to sleep in a little, at least once in a while, and don’t have to spend hours in the morning getting the kids up for school. They like to sleep in and take a break, but it’s beginning to dawn on them what summer really means.

It’s the first full week off from school for us, so we have been planning on ways to keep them busy. We took a large trip to Disneyworld earlier, and plan to make some small road trips for the summer. But staying around our home this summer is our main focus as we are really busy with things that require us to be home. We like to spend summers visiting places with the kids, but this year I think is going to be different. For now the park is good, but soon it will be too hot to play on the playsets during the day.


So we still have our kids busy with our toddler still in daycare and our middle child still attending her dance classes. Between Dance and friends, our soon to be kindergartener is staying busy somewhat which is important because she will make it clear when she is bored. Then there is eldest child. I have already been shown the “I’m bored” attitude and we still have months left?

Lucky for us, our older ones do like to learn. Using summer learning programs like Brain Chase help us to not only keep her busy and occupied on something of interest, but also helps her to continue learning and not losing all that knowledge she gained in 4th grade. Many kids lose a lot of information over summer by just not doing any educational learning.

The Treasure Hunt!

For this 2015 Summer Break Brain Chase is offering their 2015 5-week Summer Learning Program along with a Real Treasure Hunt. The hunt is for a worldwide treasure hunt to locate the Sunstone of Cortés. This treasure is not only beautiful looking but holds a real key to a safe deposit box with a $10,000 scholarship.

Sunstone of Cortes brain chase

See this video of how it was made.

By joining in on the Brain Chase Treasure Hunt, kids have the chance to find this while learning along the way and using their brains. This is something that lets kids have some fun learning, and is supplemental to The Brain Chase 5-Week Summer Program.

While she likes reading, she also likes the gadgets and all the animation and visuals that our modern devices provide. She can work on Brain Chase assignments like math and other non writing activities on her tablet. We also like her to use a computer and not only a smartphone and PC, so we have her complete the writing assignments on her touch screen desktop.

We have considered looking into a summer camp activity and Brain Chase will not be put aside. No matter what comes up like a camp, traveling with family vacation, or other activates, Brain Chase only requires about 5 hours a week for online academic work.

brain chase graphic

Brain Chase provides:
• Five weeks of personalized learning on external reading and math sites
• Weekly writing exercises with feedback from credentialed teaching professionals (if selected at registration)
• Weekly language assignments in the language of your choice (if selected at registration)
• Weekly progress reports emailed directly to parents
• Exclusive access to an original animated adventure series loaded with hidden puzzles and clues
• Three adventure tools mailed to your home separately during the five-week course

With a web based curriculum she can work on her Brain Chase activities when she has the time or wants to. After all its still summer break. Summer can get very busy so Brain Chase lets Kaila no fall behind by allowing her to make up on missedassignments.

Brain Chase does require high-speed Internet and the latest internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari web browsers. It is recommended to use a Desktop or laptop especially for the writing assignments, but kids can do the math, language and reading assignments on a tablet.

Brain Chase is a great way to supplement any summer break. With fun and positive educational screen time, kids will learn while being entertained, and not BORED!

brain chase cartoon

Sign up now and keep your kid learning through summer.

What Ways Do You Keep Your Kids Or Think Kids Can Keep Learning Through Summer?

Pricing begins with the regular pricing package of $199 for the first child and $100 for each extra sibling. Brain Chase also now offers a premium package at $249 for first child registration with $149 for each sibling. The premium package includes the Brain Chase registration and includes a Brain Chase-branded adventure backpack, Brain Chase t-shirt, and a Sunstone of Cortés patch. These items will be available later this summer for purchase individually.