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Personalized Video Greetings From inviter

This is a compensated post from inviter. All opinions are our own. inviter

So many of us live a digital life. More and more everything we do is online and why not? We are a family who does not like to waste so why not send things like birthday or holiday greetings digitally? Saves time too plus I can easily create a card or custom greeting in my own time and never have to worry about making it to the mail on time.

inviter allows you to easily create video greetings to customers, personalized holiday, Birthday and anniversary video greetings. Plus you’ll never send an invite quite likes these! inviter

inviter is simple to use and to create just upload your video and pick a theme. Personalize your message and it’s background with easy to understand options. You can schedule it to send right away or even first thing Monday morning if you need to.

The video is private and only shared with whomever you send it to. Which means it is also ideal for work use. Easily send reminders to employees or communicate internally. You also have the option of making it a public event and inviting everyone to the community summer picnic!

You can start by signing up now and choosing from a free, basic or plus plan. All of which work for what your needs might be. So check out inviter and sign up today!