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Fun In The Sun With Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen

This is a partnered post with Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen although as parents we also believe in safety in the sun so we are proud to partner on this post. Blue Lizard Sun Screen (1)

Playing in the sun is something we enjoy doing. From spending time at the pool, amusement parks or the beach you’ll find us doing it all even on the hottest and sunniest of days. Blue Lizard Sun Screen (3)

There’s something so fun about being on vacation and swimming for hours in the pool. We were just at Walt Disney World and found the hottest parts of the day were best spent at our resort in the pool. As parents we want our children to be safe when playing outdoors, the same goes for protecting them from the sun.

Dermatologist-recommended Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen delivers clinically proven broad-spectrum UVA and UVB skin protection. That’s why when we went on vacation we brought Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen with us. Blue Lizard Sun Screen (4)
Blue Lizard’s Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is 30+. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limits the maximum SPF value at 50+, check this out: if you buy a sunscreen that advertises an SPF of more than 30+, you’re paying for something that doesn’t really exist.

Blue Lizard not only protects you against the burning UVB rays but also against harmful UVA rays – the rays that cause sun damage most associated with aging and melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Not all sunscreens have this capability. All of the Blue Lizard products are broad spectrum — and that’s kind of a big deal in terms of skin safety.

In fact when I was on a plane to Mexico two weeks ago I read an article about sun safety. Blue Lizard was also named there as having the best protection and when I ask other moms they all agree Blue Lizard is the best. Blue Lizard Sun Screen (2)

After spending a week in the hot sun in Florida not one of us got sun burnt or felt like we had too much sun. I also know that after playing at the pool our family is still protected. Blue Lizard products offer the most advanced, high-quality formulations to provide the ultimate in safe, water-resistant sun protection. Plus Blue Lizard’s patented BPA-free Smart Bottle™ serves as a valuable educational tool, as it turns blue (or pink for our Baby formula) in the presence of harmful UV rays. That’s right. You bring the sun, Blue Lizard brings the magic.

Get Yours! 
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How are you protecting your family from the sun?

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