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Easy Snacking On-The-Go With Mott’s® Snack & Go

This blog post is sponsored by Mott’s and SocialMoms. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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Being a mom to very active kids I have to make sure I am prepared at all times. Whether it’s planning the next after school activity, family road trip or just playing before dance as a mom I want to be sure my kids are nourished and healthy. While I love my kids to eat fruits, they are not always the easiest to take in a bag or on the go, or to leave in a warm Southern California car. They can get mashed or spoil in heat, so an easy and clean alternative is great.MottsSnackGoBloggerimage_FINAL

Mott’s® Snack & Go is perfect for the active, on-the-go kid and since it’s the same applesauce your kids already know and like its not hard to get them to eat up! Applesauce is just a yummy and filling snack that is great for busy kids and its stores great for the road and extended periods and even in different temperatures.

Just check out this video from What’s Up Moms –

What I like about Mott’s® Snack & Go is that it can be taken anywhere. I like to make sure I have enough snacks in our dancer’s gym bag. Making sure she’s healthy and strong is important and is maintained by providing good eating habits. Snacking healthy too and having options other than chips or candy or the like is much better for busy kids like mine.

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What is great about the Mott’s® applesauce pouches is how easy they can be taken on the road. Just throw it in the bag and go, no need to worry about refrigeration and applesauce is great at room temperature! Just last week our five year old was in the dance studio and she so badly wanted a snack so she reached for what she calls “her delicious apples” and was fueled up and ready for more!  That’s why it’s so important for me as a parent to provide convenient and healthy snacks.
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Mott’s® Snack & Go Strawberry, Natural and Original are an excellent source of Vitamin C and since Mott’s® Snack & Go Strawberry and Natural applesauce pouches contain no added sugars I can feel great about how delicious it tastes too. What’s even better is that I can give my kids a delicious and healthy snack anytime and anyplace. I can easily throw it in a gym bag or backpack and not worry about it spoiling or making a mess. With our Brooklin being a competitive dancer, we still like to give her snacks, but have to watch what we give her cause she has a sweet tooth. Applesauce is a great way around this dilemma; she gets her sweet treat, while eating fruit!

What’s your favorite easy snack idea? 

This blog post is sponsored by Mott’s and SocialMoms. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.


  1. Natalie on May 25, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    This would make a great snack for road trips!

  2. Amy Orvin on May 15, 2015 at 10:06 am

    These sound like great summer go-to snacks. I love that they are healthy and contain an excellent source of Vitamin C. That’s so important.