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Easily Find Toys With The EasyFinder Rechargeable Bluetooth Battery

This is a partnered post with EasyFindermia's first haircut 23 months oldEver wish you could turn off that children’s toy? Maybe you’d like to find that favorite singing stuffed animal that your child adores and you can’t locate it anywhere. Now you can with the EasyFinder.BattInRemotewith-signal

EasyFinder is world’s first two-way remote locator designed to track most battery powered items AND your smartphone, all through the free EasyFinder app. That means not only can you locate lost items with it but you can also control it and turn it off right with your phone through the App.

UntitledThe EasyFinder is a low power Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to simply substitute one of the AA or AAA batteries in your TV or gaming remote control with the EasyFinder. Once you have the app on your smartphone or tablet, you’re ready to locate your remote. The app uses radar-like guidance with an audible beeping sound from the EasyFinder device, sending you in the direction of your lost remote.

Find Your Phone Fast: You can also locate your smartphone by simply pressing the logo on your EasyFinder battery within your device. A signal will be sent to your phone making it ring, even if its on silent!!!!

Couldn’t your family use the EasyFinder?