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5 Reasons Why I Support My Competition Dancer

brooklin star dance competitionEvery season parents everywhere find new activities for their children to do. Some switch to and from seasonal sports often and others find their team and stick to it. Team sports are great ways to build confidence, stay active, and not to mention the benefits of character development.

As a mom to a competition dancer I have to say all of these things are true and so many more. I get asked often why dance means so much to me. Yet I often want to ask back, what sport means something to you? I want to declare back that dancers are the hardest working athletes.  They develop muscles you wouldn’t imagine existed. In strange places like feet and hips. You could not imagine the dedication and love it takes, and I am often inspired by their unwillingness to give up. When you see your child finally perfect a turn or learn a new routine it’s just like every other parent proudly watching their child shine at something they love.

5 Reasons Why I Support My Competition Dancer 

  1. Dedication – It takes years of practice to perfect the perfect routine. It takes having good days and having bad days. It’s about teaching my child that failure isn’t an end, that even if you fail you keep going. It’s constantly teaching her dedication and determination.
  2. Confidence – Lets face it the ability to get on stage and finally put together something you’ve worked hard for is a confidence builder. Not to mention what it takes to it it in front of hundreds if not more strangers.
  3. Experience! Everything you do on stage gives you experience. From unique critiques from judges to just getting out there everything with dance is an experience!
  4. Physical Abilities – Not only are dancers better than ever they’re starting younger. The physical abilities you learn are tuned in when you finally hit the stage. Dancers are often the toughest athletes!
  5. Memories! I saved the best for last. The best thing about dance competitions is making memories with family and friends. From traveling far form home to hanging out late at night it’s those memories of building friendships that mean the most.

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  1. Tammy Woodall on May 28, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    All five reasons are excellent reasons to support competition dancing. My sister was a competitive dancer and she still remembers great memories from her experiences.