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This Mother’s Day It’s All About the Moms

We can all think of times when our mothers proved their selflessness and came through for us when we needed them. While most of us know that we ought to take more time to focus on our moms, we still frequently find ourselves at another Mother’s Day wishing we had spent more time on Mom in the preceding year. To start the year off right, make this Mother’s Day all about Mom! Go a little over the top and spoil her!

When planning the perfect Mother’s Day, consider your mom’s unique personality. What makes her happy? Has she made it clear to you that she’s dealing with any stresses or problems? Have you been listening when she tells you what things she most wants? Think back and try to come up with some creative ways to give Mom what she really wants this year.

3 Ways To Make Mothers Day Special for FREE!

Help Mom with her Chores for Mothers Day

If your mom has been stressed out with chores or any major problems, just ask her what would be most helpful to her. If you can, get your siblings and their families to help out. For example, if your mom has been taking care of an elderly relative, ask her what her plan was for the week ahead. If she needs to take grandma to the doctor, cook and freeze her meals for the next week, check in on her every other day, and help her with laundry and cleaning. Distribute these tasks among your siblings and send Mom to the spa instead. If you can, make a plan to help her deal with these chores in the long-term, or pay to get a cleaning service or meal service to take off some of the pressure.


And don’t forget to help her with the chores around the house. Give Mom a day or a week off from housework by taking over on the chores.

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Spend Time with Her

We all have busy lives and because Mom probably wants to support you, she knows you can’t give her all the time and attention she might like. This means that, a lot of the time, what Mom probably wants more than anything is some one-on-one time with you. Plan a whole day with Mom, just the two of you or include your siblings or your own children if you think that’s best. Find out what she would most like to do and make a plan for the day based on her chosen activities.

Spoil Her with Extra Touches

Think of lots of special little things to make Mom feel like a star for the day:

  • Breakfast in bed: Make her a special meal and bring it to her in bed. If you have young kids who will be helping you make breakfast, be sure to take lots of pictures. Print the pictures out right away or bring the camera to Mom with the breakfast so she can see the cute photos of her kids making a mess while they try to help make her pancakes.
  • Homemade Gifts: Whether or not you have young kids, homemade gifts are a great idea for Mother’s Day. Help younger kids put together a book about why they love Mom. Include their notes and drawings, as well as your own! Put together a photo album or get out favorite photos and put them around the house for her to discover throughout the day. For adult or teenaged children, one fun idea is to recreate baby pictures. Choose one of Mom’s favorites and get together the kids to try to copy their outfits, poses, and silly expressions.
  • Flowers: It’s no secret that flowers for Mother’s Day are a classic stand-by, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them! Flowers are festive and attractive and will brighten up the house for days after Mother’s Day.
  • Surprises Around the House: Rather than give Mom all her gifts at once, distribute them in places around the house for her to find, especially if you’ve gotten her lots of little things–some handmade soaps or lotions next to the sink, a new pair of earrings on top of her jewelry box. Another idea is to put sticky notes around the house with reasons why you or your kids love Mom.


Whether you’re trying to plan a special Mother’s Day or a special day of any kind for Mom, the most important thing is to just listen to Mom to figure out what it is that would really be most helpful to her at the time. Even if she says nothing, just doing the dishes or vacuuming the living room will mean a lot to her! Just make sure you tell Mom how much she means to you and that you’re grateful every single day.