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Preparing For Your First Dance Competition

dance competition blingPreparing for your first dance competition can be rather exciting but it can also leave you feeling anxious. By now your dancer has learned their routine and is more than ready but there’s a few things you should prepare for.

  1. Bling IT! – Lets face it dance moms, the more bling the better. Spend some time adding anything your dancers costume might need.
  2. Hair & Makeup – Be prepared with hairstyle and makeup. Go through a trial run and make sure you know what you want to accomplish come competition day. I am prepared with a hairpiece, extra eyelashes and makeup, makeup remover and other essentials just in case we need to touch up before going on stage.
  3. Dance Bag – Competition days are long. Be prepared with snacks and something fun to do. Especially if your dancer is young like mine.

As we head into our first dance competition I am completely nervous, I think almost more so than she is. I just want her to know that no matter what happens on stage we are so proud of her and we hope she knows how much our family supports her. I think once we know what to expect with judging and being on stage it will be a little easier for my mini dancer, and this dance moms too!