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Move & Fierce National Dance Competitions

move dance competitionThis weekend Brooklin competed in her first competition as a dancer. She’s been working so hard every single week at the studio that it was so rewarding to see her on stage.

First up was Move Dance Competition, Brooklin competed with the 5-8 year olds with her Party in the USA jazz solo. move dance competitionmove dance competitionmove dance competition

Brooklin not only went up on stage and had fun but she also received a high gold and walked away from her first dance competition a little wiser.

The following day we had the unique chance to dance and compete in LA with the Abby Lee Dance Company. Made popular by their TV show Brooklin had a chance to stand on stage and meet her favorite dancers. I won’t give away details from the show you’ll just have to wait and watch! brooklin fiernce dance competition

The one thing Brooklin isn’t afraid of is the camera and she went out and performed her jazz solo which received another high gold. no hand illusion

Brooklin’s no hand illusion.

Check out this video –