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Let Your Kids Explore & Learn How To Read

This is a partnered post with Bright World eBooks.
It seems one thing that all of kids are doing in their own stages and sometimes together is reading. We try to provide them with a nice little library and an appreciation for reading and learning, but I have to say that kids these days do have a lot of distractions. From the electronic gadgets, to choices in things to do, I do have to make sure I am reminding them to keep up on reading.

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Our oldest likes to sit a read a book sometimes, but not as much as she did. What I do find they like to play on is their tech gadgets. From the smartphone to the tablets, I can’t blame them for being so fascinated with a notebook sized device that plays videos and interacts in many ways.

I try to keep my eye out for online apps that can do more than just provide entertainment for 30 minutes. To be honest it hasn’t been as easy as I would hope. I have considered just looking for some older game titles I grew up with, but I know they will challenge her brain and challenge her to read a story, plot and conversations. While this may work for our oldest who is almost 10 and understands older humor, it’s the little ones who are in most need of something to teach them yet let them have their fun with 21st century learning tools.

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Bright World eBooks are a fun and very interactive learning experience that can give small children and older children fun, entertainment, and reading skills all in one. Check out this demo, it’s serious a fun app. Not only will it take kids through reading slowing, but the graphics and interactive features would give any little learning a good time while learning.

I know when I was a kid, I preferred to learn while visually seeing what I was being taught. When I lived in Jerusalem, Israel for 3 years and had the chance to travel, they would tell us the history while showing us what was left as history. When the computer allowed for extensive multimedia, I was all for it. Seeing videos and actual things I had no idea if I could ever see, was changing. I like that the topics explored are based on natural science topics with the first being on the ocean.

What is great for our kid’s generation is they have the capabilities to learn so much more. Bright World eBooks takes all that multimedia, reading practice, vocabulary introduction, and more and puts it into the hands of any child who wants to learn. Our 3 year old can learn a new story and explore it at the same time. Our 6 year old can expand her vocabulary, while learning new words and shaping her sounding out and pronouncing words correctly. Sometimes she prefers to actually do it without me helping her, which is great, she is a self learning!

You can start by helping their Kickstarter campaign!