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Keep Your Identity Protected With Lifelock #BreachProtection

This is a sponsored post with Lifelock. TurboTax Healthcare Website (2)

I never really thought I was going to be the person who had their personal data hacked, or their wallet misplaced if not possibly stolen while on a vacation, or a victim of mail fraud, but let’s just say we have accomplished 2 of the 3.

I think in the last 2 years, we have had our personal data put in jeopardy thanks to either a specific credit card we used or a store that we shopped at. While we never have seen any bogus or fraudulent activity on our statements, we are weary of what can happen.

About 6 years ago, my husband was at work and called me asking if I had bought any gift cards to a major clothing retailer, or tickets to a concert. He had figured it was bogus since they were both in high amounts and occurred near the same time. So we verified it was not us and called the bank which resolved the issue fairly easy lucky for us.

Since then to in the recent years we had not ever seen anything like that and it left for a good story of how it can happen. While on vacation last year, my husband had set down his wallet near the shore we were at. We walked into the pool area and after hopping in realized it was missing. It may have been dropped or someone grabbed it, but we learned a couple of lessons.

First, watch your valuables and only take what you need, in that case only my room key. Second we learned about the importance of the service LifeLock. While we didn’t worry too much because there were no credit cards and only his driver’s license, room key, and cash, he had lost his identification which can be used for gaining credit, loans, who knows.


So we signed up for the service to be safe. But not only were we protecting his identity and financial liabilities, we had also been part of the major breaches to the major retailers during the shopping season. I guess it was a good welcome to California for us. But with Life Lock we feel protected, we will be notified of any thing that comes up, even we apply for loans. Better to be safe than have to fix the complete mess that is what happens with fraud.

I heard a story of something that happened similar to me of losing my driver’s license and the person had loans and a phone bill run up in his name. It cost them money and time, it was unfortunate that it happens.

The March LifeLock Breach Campaign is here to bring awareness of identity theft. With the recent Anthem security breach there could be upwards to 80 million people at risk due to a data breach that compromised confidential information including Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and/or health information. LifeLock is there to monitor this information.

What is concerning to me is that a study has shown that “that individuals who receive a data breach notification letter are more than four times as likely to become victims of identity theft.” Well I am onto number 3 I think…

This is a reason we signed up with LifeLock. With the new LifeLock Ultimate Plus program we get activity alerts and notifications of our Social Security Numbers being used. With all the business and buying we do online it is important that we be kept notified of what is going on.

Find out more about the recent Anthem security breach by visiting http://www.anthemfacts.com/. You really never know if you may be involved, until you get that letter. I heard about the breaches I was involved in and thought not again, and then I got a letter. Anthem’s companies include: Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield; Anthem Blue Cross; Empire BlueCross BlueShield; Anthem Life Insurance; Affiliated / Specialty Companies.

Here is a great and important tip from LifeLock. By keeping an eye on your Social Security number use, you can see if it has been misused. Criminals can wait days, weeks even years and then all of a sudden it is being used and sold off. This is what we use for loans, and with so much being done and capable of being done online, it’s important to track this personal data of ours.

LifeLock helps us and it can help you.