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Help Your Toddler Potty Train With The Poop ’N Pull

There’s nothing parents struggle more with as their babies get older is potty training. The end result is a diaper free toddler but it takes some extra work and rewards to really make it happen. Rewarding children for good behaviors is a great way to reinforce good behavior.

poop n pull kickstarterMeet the Poop ’N Pull, a new and exciting way for you to help get your toddler potty trained! It combines the reward system with instant gratification! The Poop ’N Pull is an interactive way to get your child involved in the potty training process by turning it into a fun game. It is a three inch box that hangs on your bathroom door so it is in view of your toddler, but out of reach of their little hands. It comes with ten refillable containers for you to personalize the treats that you will put in to the box. When the child is successful, the parent unwraps the cord and hands it to the child to pull. Out drops a special treat to reward them from going in the potty!!

toys in poop n pull deviceThe Poop ’N Pull also comes with a book to read with your little one, about a little whale going through the potty training experience, and stickers to decorate the dispenser to make it their own.

poop n pull book for kidsTo make this dream a reality, they are using a Kickstarter Project to raise awareness and get backing to keep this project moving forward. Every pledge to the project is rewarded with advanced stickers, dispensers or books, based on the amount pledged.

The Poop ’N Pull is a fun way to potty train!

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  1. Margaret A MacKenzie on April 8, 2015 at 2:53 am

    Oh, what a cute idea. I love that it’s like a candy dispenser. Children know what they are! It’s great that you can personalize the items. Thanks for the great review.