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Five Cool Gadgets To Consider for Your Next Family Beach Trip

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Warmer weather is on the horizon and this mommy is already planning her first family beach trip. I don’t know about you but there’s just something about being outdoors, watching the kids build a sand castle and hearing the waves from the ocean that just gets me all anxious inside. I love the beach… there’s not a summer that I haven’t paid a visit to the Jersey shore to spend some time with my family.

I’m also a lover of gadgets and “must haves”. Anything that makes my job as a parent easier to do is a great investment. So I’ve been surfing the net looking for cool gadgets and must haves to take with us on our next family beach trip. Below are a few cool things that I discovered.

1.  Beach Cabana or Baby Tent

If you have little ones, investing in a baby tent or beach cabana is certainly worth it. My youngest hates the feeling of the sand beneath her feet, and of course too much sun exposure is not good for their gentle skin. A baby tent or beach cabana is a great way to eliminate two problems at once. The tent provides coverage from the sun’s rays and also keeps the baby from having to feel the hot sand on her bottom.

They even have tents that are large enough for the entire family to fit in. That eliminates the need for a huge beach umbrella. They’re pretty easy to put together, in fact many of them pop up with little need for assembly.

2.  UV Monitors

I for one make sure my kids are fully covered in the proper sunscreen before hitting the beach, but wouldn’t it be nice to know when the UV rays are a bit too much? Now you can purchase UV monitors which can keep you and your kids safe from the damaging sun. The monitors will track the level of UV radiation and will also inform you when it’s best to be indoors. That way everyone has fun in the sun, but can also be safe when it’s necessary.

3.  Solar Chargers

Don’t you just hate it when you’re taking in the sun and your phone battery is low? If you’re like me, a parent who also runs a business, your phones and mobile devices are attached to your hip. Well instead of having to cut your beach trip short, you can purchase a solar charger station. These are great because they are universal and can charge several types of devices at once. There’s no need for electricity because the sun keeps the chargers powered. This way you don’t miss out on important business or the fun.

4.  Waterproof Cases

Another problem I always have with my mobile devices is water and sand getting into them. I can’t tell you how many phones I’ve had to replace over the years as a result. Anyway, there are all types of waterproof cases that can also protect your devices from the sand. They are generally very affordable and come in various sizes for most phone types.

5.  Beach Carts

Now that I’ve given you a new list of things to pack for your next family trip you’re probably wondering how you’re going to carry it all. Between the beach chairs, umbrellas, strollers, and kids you’re probably already juggling a lot. So instead of trying to figure out how to balance things on your head you can opt for some beach carts with big wheels. Beach carts come in various sizes and will allow you to pack all your necessities. This way you won’t have to break your neck while trying to find the perfect spot on the beach.

Hopefully these five items will come in handy for you during the upcoming summer months. I’m still searching for the gadget that will do everything from watch the kids, to changing their diapers, and even making sure they eat… but unfortunately, I guess that’s still a job for mommies and daddies. What? A girl can dream can’t she?