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A New Baby Growth & Development Toy That Grows With Your Little One

Being a parent to 3 kids, means I have experience with anything related to parenting for the most part. From breastfeeding, to different children products, and what to worry about and what to not, we have both been here for everyday of our kid’s lives. We are approaching 10 soon, so that is a lot of days and a lot of stuff!

oduga toy growth

Great for different ages and needs.


One item I can say we probably have the most diverse experience with is children products. From baby toys, to clothing items, hygiene products and more we have tried a lot of things. Also running a review website has introduced us to many new things. Many things we used and some we still have, while others became obsolete within months after receiving, with some even being of little to no use days after.

Oduga developement toy baby

One of the many setups of Oduga.


Whenever we have found things that not only have use past the first month but that can also be handed down and/or shared, it’s great for having kids years apart. It takes the ease out of buying something that may be discarded as they grow and move past it.

Product by Stage (1)

Oduga is a new and innovative baby and early toddler toy. By being able to adapt to the different growing stages from ages 0-3, Oduga can adjust and grow with them. As baby grows the toy can be made more complex by adding parts and reconfiguring Oduga. This is great for those that are looking for a unique toy that can grow with baby.

The other benefit is less costs on toys for a baby and less waste on toys that they outgrow. This is great for many reasons, but also the fact it can be changed making it more useful for the little one that gets bored.

Check out their our crowd-funding campaign at: http://igg.me/at/oduga to purchase one for your little one or as a gift.

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