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PicturesOnGold.com “Name That Watch” Contest‏ #NameThatWatchContest

This is a partnered post with PicturesOnGold.com #NameThatWatchContest

picturesongold.comA few years ago I had a special necklace made for me from PicturesOnGold.com and we are happy to share their newest contest to help get their new watches a name!

What Makes This New Watch Special

The Watch Face can be made with an Engraved or Color Photo – PicturesOnGold.com will be the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD (using the “Watch Name “ that is trademarked,) which makes these (ONE OF A KIND) Personalized Custom Watches with a (NUMBERED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.) All these Watches will have Swiss Movements with a Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal. Plus you can win $500 for finding the perfect name!


picturesongold contest

The winner will be the person who chooses a name that can be “United States Trademarked.”  3 “Watch Names,”  submitted by contestants will be chosen by PicuresOnGold.com as potential finalists. The first choice will then be submitted to the US PATENT & TRADEMARK office. If the name is trademarked, which can take up to 3 months; the winner will receive a prize of $500. In the event the first choice does not get trademarked, the second and third “Watch Names” will be submitted in that order.   The winner will be notified via email once the “Watch Name”  receives trademark approval.  This will be an exciting contest, and the prize is terrific.

The giveaway is open to residents of US and Canada-contestants must be over 18 years of age.