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Do Not Forget To Maintain Your Garage Door Opener And Adjust The Sensors

With spring here and the weather getting nicer, we find ourselves using that garage and the garage door opener that we come so ever to rely on, more and more. Being young I do not give much worry about its maintenance and well being, we just use it.

Think about it, all that weight from a garage door and the convenience this little machine does in opening and closing it is great. We rely on it to protect our cars, our kids, and all our belongings. Many people use their garage doors so many times in a day its quite staggering and many use it as their primary door into their home basically.

LiftMaster created the Don’t Chance It. Check It.™ Safety Campaign to help people like myself to remember the importance and ease in maintaining our garage door openers.

One thing we don’t realize is the importance of the home garage door opener. Making sure it’s working properly is important for the safety of people and to avoid damage to costly investments. It is a machine and with 35 million of these things installed in homes, it’s important to maintain it. With 1 out of 15 not having safety features, making sure those safety features work properly is safety.

We use our garage for many uses, of course for storing our car, but for also having a go to place for the kid’s toys, bikes, and power wheels. We use our garage as our personal front door to the inside of our home, so it opening and closing properly is important. And with the kid’s toys in the garage we all use it.

Laws were put into place to require garage door openers manufactured later than 1993 to have infrared sensors better known as “photo-eyes” installed. Without these eyes, doors would only stop and reverse under significant force and pressure. Openers made prior to 1993 have little to no safety features so this may be something to consider. LiftMaster has a site to help you find a dealer for repairs or a new unit and installation.


Garage door maintenance is important. Making sure that huge door is secured and functioning properly is important for everyone’s safety. While there is not much to the garage door system, one of the most important safety features in the modern opener is the photo eyes, the little black boxes near the bottom of the door rails.


Checking the photo eye, the little device that makes the door reopen when it detects something blocking its viewing across the garage door floor. This helping part of the system will prevent the garage door from coming down on your car, kids, family pet, or anything in its path.

To make sure your photo eye is working and set up to the best usage, start by checking the height of the sensor with a simple foot ruler. Make sure it is no higher than 6 inches tall.



  • Next place an at least 6 inch item in the sensors path to make sure it stops the garage from closing.
  • Lastly place a 1 ½ inch tall item such as a piece of wood, to make sure the garage door will reverse upon pressure.
  • By making sure the sensor is the correct height, ensure the garage door can function and do its job. Like with any other machine, keeping it maintained and up-to-date is important in ensure its proper and long life operation, but also to make sure it’s safe for your family.

While you are at it, make sure the garage is ready to go with safety. Having kids around, I make sure to store chemicals in a safe location as well is making sure certain chemicals are not near each other. Some can ignite when exposed to the wrong chemicals. Properly venting your garage is important for this reason and expelling car exhaust.

Make sure that any objects that can fall are secured and sharp items are stored away. Help yourself by organizing, while also knowing what is dangerous and can potential be a danger before your kids do.

Be sure to check out your opener and apply this simple test to make sure your system is operating to its proper operation.

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  1. Alex Jennings on June 15, 2015 at 7:23 am

    Thanks for reminding us to maintain our garage door openers, Kristin! I think it’s incredibly important that we’re taking care of our stuff; it will save us a lot of money in repair costs! I’ll be sure to follow your suggestion by making my sensors are working properly. It would be awful if my garage door came down on my child. Thanks for sharing this with me!