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Caution! Curves Ahead: 5 Reasons to Wear Shapewear

Shapewear has been around for ages. From the Victorian Era corsets that the women used to wear to get a shapelier figure, to the spandex you see and wear today, the quest for the perfect contours of the hour glass figure continues. The biggest fallacy of shapewear is that only the overweight should be wearing it.

That is simply not the case here. Women of all shapes and sizes should be adding the best shapewear to their undergarments to reap the benefits of proper fitting clothes and being able to make adjustments to their trouble spots on the fly and hassle free. Here are a couple of reasons why you have to have several kinds (and colors!) in your closet and why you should be using them as much as you can.

1.     Enhance your overall Figure

For a leaner and longer look, choose an underbust style of shapewear. Underbust shapers rise to an area just below your bra, supporting your bust and giving you an instant lift and push-up effect. Some shapewear designs have built in latex to create maximum contours on your body. Some brands can even reduce your midsection by 1-3 inches on the spot, making you look up to three sizes thinner. Be sure you can breathe though!

2.       You’ll be more Confident

There’s nothing sexier than a person oozing with confidence. When you choose the right shapewear and you’re able to adjust your figure accordingly, you’ll feel more confident in your clothes and with yourself. You’ll carry yourself better, walk with an air of “I can handle anything today” positivity, and have a different outlook altogether.

3.     A Flatter Tummy

Is your body undergoing its own “Battle of the Bulge”? If you’re tired of your muffin top and are months away from seeing any real results from your exercise routine, then maybe an investment into shapewear can address the trouble spots. Compression is a key element in a good shaper, and you should be able to get rid of that muffin top and any unwanted bulges with the right shapewear design.

4.     Flat Back, Round Rear

While compression is good for your midsection, it’s not a good idea for you rear assets. Many shapers in the market address this issue and feature a special “rear rounding design” meant to lift your rear and make it rounder while compressing your midsection and your back, reducing both tummy and stomach bulge.

5.     Weight Loss and Cellulite

Some shapers are high-tech. No, were still not talking about nano-bot infused undergarments that cure anything that ails you. What we have are anti-cellulite shapers that gently massage, smooth and tone your skin to get rid of cellulite without surgery. There are also shapers with built-in weight loss treatment. Some of these garments have thermal latex panels that can increase thermal activation in the core. The increased activity increases blood flow and helps remove toxins through sweat. You will sweat a lot though, so be sure to only wear these in the gym or when running.


All women have the right to look their best at all times, and shapewear can help us address any issue we have on the spot, without surgery. Exercise and a balanced diet is still our best weapon against bulges and other trouble bumps and lumps, but for the “out of the blue” dinner date or a high school reunion that’s just around the corner, we can always turn to shapewear for an instant lift, nip and tuck.