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Are condos really child friendly?

Yes, they are! A majority of condos are very child friendly. Some have active groups of moms that plan play dates and kid-centered activities for the community. These could be plays, trips to the park, the zoo and a host of other child oriented activities. The close proximity with other neighbors makes socializing and making friends a breeze for kids (and adults!). Just ride the elevator or hang out in the common areas and get to meet your neighbors. The spaces are not too big and not too small so the family can still enjoy a closeness and togetherness rarely seen in big homes nowadays. Some parents need to text their kids to eat dinner!

But, there’s a caveat. Some condo developers and administrators have strict rules regarding kids. Some even ban children outright! What a crying shame that they’re still stuck in the Stone Age. Many probably feel that when a couple has kids, they should automatically move to a house in the suburbs. While I see nothing wrong with that scenario, the move should come from the family and not from the rules of the building. If the family wants to stay because both parents work downtown, they should be able to do so without any issues.

What to look for in a Condo

If you have a family and would like to try high rise living, there are things you need to look out for before selling your home. The first one would be the location. One of the main advantages of condo living is its close proximity to everything. Schools, restaurants, parks, cafes, grocery stores and drugstores are a few of the places you need to consider when choosing a condo, especially if you have kids. The next one would be the built in amenities in the building. Does it have an indoor pool? How about a roof deck and play area? Amenities are important, and they absolutely have to be child friendly.

Another thing to look out for is the community. Condos usually have a very diverse set of people in the community, a melting pot of different cultures of sorts. You’ll have professionals, students, empty nesters and a whole host of others. If there are next to no kids living in a particular condo you have chosen to visit, look elsewhere. That’s a sign that maybe kids aren’t really all that welcome, and having no kids around means that your own kid might get bored.

The last thing you need to look out for when getting a condo is the size. Don’t get a tight one bedroom if you have kids. It would be unfair to both them and you if you’re living like canned sardines. One bedroom per child sounds just about right, and also check if the developer made provisions for extra storage. Remember, you don’t have a garage, shed or basement where you can store all your stuff. Storage is limited, so make it count!

It’s Trending

In New York and Chicago, families have been living in the heart of the city and loving it for quite some time now. But for many years, other cities have more or less stayed the same –couples vacate their condos or flats to live in the suburbs. The trend now is reversed – mom and dad find work in the city and instead of driving or commuting an hour or more to work, they just pack up and move into the city.

More and more cities are following suit as developers are catching on and riding this trend to the hilt. A few condos in Montreal are designing and building condos that plan their spaces with families and children in mind, creating spaces where residents can socialize and spend quality time with each other.

So, if you’re considering leaving the quiet and serenity of life in the suburbs and taking your family to the lights and bustle of the big city, you can always live in a condo -just as long as it has all the things you and your famil

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  1. Laura S on March 28, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    My daughter and her family are moving to the DC area and with the high cost of living there they looking at non-traditional homes. I’ll pass this article on to her.