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Mermaid Half Marathon & Mermaid Dash Girls Run in San Diego, CA 2015

mermaid half marathon 2015  kaila and kristinThis weekend we headed to San Diego for the Mermaid Half Marathon and the Mermaid Dash Girls Run. The course was along Mission Bay which was just beautiful we had an early start to the day leaving home well before the sun came out.

The race started a little foggy but my the start of the half marathon at 7:00 AM the sun just started to shine. I picked up my packet before the race and had plenty of time to stretch and say goodbye to my family. They headed off for breakfast downtown and came back closer to the time of the mermaid dash. mermiad half marathon san diego 2015I started the race really strong but decided to take it easy the first few miles. I injured my right foot dancing a few weeks ago so I knew come mile 10 it would start giving me issues and I was right!

I enjoyed miles 2-8 we ran around the Fiesta Island and I generally just had a great time taking in the views. Little reminders and cheerleaders along the course kept us going strong! I finished under 3 hours and had a great time doing it!
mermaid half marathon 2015Kai started the Mermaid Dash while I was still finishing the half. She had a great time and I think it was just a great experience for us both. I’m so proud of her for giving it her all and for giving it her all.

mermaid dash girls run kaila 2015We both finished and had a great time creating memories! I’m so thankful for my husband for always being my biggest supporter and for being there to cheer us both on along the way! We both earned our finisher necklaces! necklace

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  1. Rosie on February 13, 2015 at 9:19 am

    Wow – that sounds like sooo much fun! I’m surprised you ran at all after injuring your foot. San Diego sounds wonderful, it is zero degrees, with wind chill about -20, not doing much outside!!!