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Fun Learning For Kids – Osmo for iPad

This is a partnered post with Osmo. Osmo iPad Learning Game Play Outside The ScreenThere is a new interactive way to use your iPad! For Christmas our girls received a great new toy that goes perfectly with their new iPad the Osmo!

Osmo iPad Learning Game Words Base TangramThe Osmo is a great way for your child to combine play in real life while using the iPad. Osmo utilizes a clip on mirror in conjunction with the iPad camera. This allows the program to see what you are doing and transfer it to the iPad.

Osmo iPad Learning Game (5)Osmo includes a stand to prop up the iPad, so it can see what you are doing and enables you to use your hands to play. The package also includes three games that are great for children ages 6 and up.

Osmo iPad Learning Game (2)“Tangram” is a puzzle program where your child has to recreate the shapes on the screen with the shapes they have in front of them. When the child matches the correct pieces, the iPad will alert them that they have mastered that puzzle. “Newton” is another game in which the child can draw on a piece of paper to create a maze for a ball to follow on screen.

Osmo iPad Learning Game (1)The last game is “Words” which lets your child spell out the word of the picture shown on screen using alphabet tiles in front of them. Osmo lets your child learn in a creative way and interact with their friends while doing so.Osmo iPad Learning Letters Words Game

You can buy the Osmo online and get started today!

Don’t you wish your children had games that were fun and interactive?