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5 Reasons Why We Renewed Our Disneyland Annual Passes

disneyland 2015

We moved to California over a year ago from Oregon. Oregon is February is generally very rainy, days on end of rain. You get used to being soaking wet and yet having grown up in California it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. In July the sun comes out but it rains again in  in November and is almost constant day in and out. February in California is 80 degrees of beautiful sunshine. It’s a beautiful place to live and for an active family it gives you the perfect weather for being outdoors.

There aren’t a lot of great parks and having done all the theme parks I have learned there are some things I prefer about Disneyland.disneyland 2015

5 Reasons Why We Renewed Our Disneyland Annual Passes

  1. There are always clean restrooms with plenty of supplies and they’re never too far away from any given spot you’re at. They also encourage you to recycle and they keep the grounds extremely clean. There’s nothing worse than sticky soda and food and one thing you won’t see on the ground at a Disney park is grime and sticky stuff! As far as theme parks goes Disney exceeds all others in cleanliness.
  2. Growing up Disney – The pure joy of riding something new with your children as they get older. Constantly exploring something new and exciting!
  3. The food, I am a huge fan of Disney food. My family doesn’t care much one way or the either but there are certain things I like to have and I know the best places for food.
  4. A fun place to have fun as a family! It’s clean and safe and it’s a great place to make memories together.
  5.  Discounts! With an annual pass you get 20% off discounts and free parking, there’s other passholder perks and previews throughout the year too!

What are some reasons why your family loves spending time at Disney parks? 


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