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Trying To Have A Baby? Daysy Fertility Monitor Can Help You

daysyMeet daysy – the new fertility monitor that helps you make the choice. Daysy is a fertility monitor that learns and tracks your menstrual cycle. With daysy, you can plan or prevent pregnancy just as you choose. You take your temperature by mouth each day, and daysy calculates your fertility status for the next 24 hours with a simple color-coded system.

You can also use your mobile app with DaysyView the a free, mobile app that can be used to complement the daysy (through its “sync” function), or as a standalone tool for non-daysy users, as the app tracks menstruation and ovulation cycles and provides you with a weekly status updates, including a cycle forecast, temperature curve, and cycle statistics.

DaysyView is available for download in the iPhone app store and allows users to share insights with partners and connect with daysy’s expert team for advice and support.

daysy app

Daysy will show you if you are fertile or not with an accuracy of 99.3%, is all natural and side-effect free. It’s a great way to get to know your body better and whether you’re trying for a baby or trying to prevent pregnancy daysy is a great solution!  Stay connected with daysy on Twitter and Facebook.

Trying To Have A Baby? Could Daysy help you?