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That Time It Snowed In Southern California

snow California 2015It rarely snows here in the lower elevations of Southern California. I grew up in the mountains where it snowed so every winter I miss the snow and every winter I wish it would snow. A week after Christmas it snowed where we live near Temecula, California! If you knew anything about living here it would be it’s incredibly hot most of the year, it’s almost desert as far as I am concerned so seeing snow is a rare sight!

So the girls had a great time playing out in the snow for a few days. We were really lucky that our neighborhood was hit especially hard, just 10 minutes from us had no snow so we enjoyed it while it was outside our own door. snow California 2015

The girls had a great time making snowballs and trying to get one another. snow California 2015snow California 2015

Brooklin used the backyard to sled in and Bruno had a great time playing in the snow too! snow California 2015bruno snow California 2015

It was a fun and rare treat for us all and a great way to start the new year! snow California 2015