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Stressing Less and Reading More This New Year #ReadMore

I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Kobo and I received Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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This new year I am trying harder than ever to do more of the things that I enjoy doing. One thing I would like to do is spend more time reading for fun. I live a very digital life meaning that I spend a lot of time on my devices. While I want to do more reading I often struggle with actually picking up a book. That’s why this year I’m trying to stress less and read more!

That’s why the Kobo app is the perfect solution, it allows me to read when I can and on my own time. That means while waiting for the girls at school or even at the dance studio.

It also means I have easy access to top rated books and I can easily update our children’s libraries without having to leave home! What I like is being able to access books that relate to what I want to read. Health and fitness and inspiration for the new year is on my list right now so it’s nice to have those things easily accessible.
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What I like about Kobo is that you can easily access e-books from any device! It means I can read on my phone or my tablet and I can take wherever  I am reading anywhere because I can access that content right through the app.

There are so many great reads for the new year, find a healthy new diet, get exercise tips or work on mind, body, soul with books to keep you inspired. I know as a busy mom it’s these kinds of reads that are quick and easy and I can come back to them when I have some downtime.

Read more this year too and get started with Kobo today!