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Save Money On Baby & Kids Foods With A Reusable Food Pouch

Being a 21st century parent has its perks. It’s nice to have all of the modern conveniences, like products that work as intended, and an over abundance of choices from foods, to clothing, to toys, everything else one could think of for now. From having our first kid who is almost 10, many new food products have hit the shelves, including a few that come in easy to-go containers.

While these are great, they are easy to handle, come premade, and are easy to consume and dispose of, but that is the problem because with extra benefits can come additional costs. Our baby, like many, get stuck on certain type of food containers, and sometimes it goes on for a week top months, wanting only certain cups, foods, or utensils.

squoooshi refillable toddler kid food pouches (6)

One of our kid’s favorites is the pouch containers. These are so convenient; they come premade, packaged, and easy to dispose of. But they can also add up in costs. Lucky there are a wide range of options available as well as just making it yourself at home.

squoooshi refillable toddler kid food pouches (3)

We are sharing the Squooshi reusable food pouch, which is an easy way to make your own pouched foods. Not only do these cut down on container costs, but you can also know what exactly is going into your kid’s body.

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I made an easy Banana Strawberry blend in the food processor. There are no additives, just Bananas and strawberries. With a puree and chop of them both, I created an applesauce consistent texture. If the mix is too runny it can easily come spill our of the bag while eating..

squoooshi refillable toddler kid food pouches (4)

They were easy to fill and eat, and even easier to freeze, store & serve later or take on the go. The pouches are available in two sizes with the small pouch holding just over 2.5 oz and the large holds 4.5 fl oz. Squooshi food containers have a top spout for easy eating. Just make sure the cap is off before giving to your kids. It is reusable so applying pressure with the cap on can make a mess.

squoooshi refillable toddler kid food pouches (5)

Squooshi are eco friendly, BPA Free and great for travel. This reusable food pouch is awesome for travel and being a busy family, great for us. It’s always great to know exactly what ingredients are going into my kid’s foods and saving money is always good! Less waste, less mess, more yum!


  • Durable & Long Lasting 
  • Easy to fill Easiest pouch to clean & dryFreezer Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • No Choke Cap is Safe for
  • Compatiblewith Most Silicone Soft Caps, Spoon Attachments and Filling Stations.
  • Non Toxic
  • FAA / TSA compliant
  • Perfect for babies 4+Months, Toddlers, Big Kids & Beyond
  • Eco Friendly
  • Affordable 

squoooshi refillable toddler kid food pouches (1)

This is a partnered post to share this useful and cost-saving product.