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Help Kids Dealing With Questions About Middle School

With Kaila coming to the age of 10, she is beginning to encounter so many new things at school and with her friends. I have noticed already that there are some issues I know will come up and that we have to talk about, but lucky for me some of it can wait for now. From just getting older as a young lady, to the drama of school, she has so many things to deal with and so many more things to experience. All I can hope for is the best and prepare her for as much as I can.

Gaby and the Best Middle School Self-Defense Book Ever”  (2)

I try to give her advice on school and friends but she doesn’t always want to chat about it. “Gaby and the Best Middle School Self-Defense Book Ever” is a cute book that offers fun humor and tips on the many social issues she will come across in school including cliques ( and clique virus!), bullying, self bullying friendship, stress and more. It is important, in my view, to arm her with advice so she has the most knowledge to make informed decision and not overreact.

 Middle school is constant drama. Everyone’s changing. Everyone’s emotions are moody. And everyone’s brains are overloaded. How can anyone survive this awkward, challenging, and at times just plain miserable period of life?

Based on her first day of seventh grade, Gaby has no idea. First her two best friends ditch her. She then gets stuck sitting with Lily, one of the most unpopular girls in the grade. And English class doesn’t make life any better, as she has to write a nonfiction book on anything—anything—by the end of the term. Gaby has too many problems to even think about writing a book. But Lily thinks the answer is just that: to write about middle school nightmares, and deal with cliques, crushes, bullies, friend fights, and more.

Perhaps Lily’s really not that bad. And maybe Gaby will survive the seventh grade after all…
Find out how to turn life’s challenges and crises into something less dramatic and maybe even humorous, through Gaby and Lily’s funny and honest middle school survival guide. Discover, along with Gaby and Lily, all sorts of tips for middle school survival. Learn to combat shyness, stop beating yourself up, and most importantly discover that you’re not alone.


Gaby and the Best Middle School Self-Defense Book Ever”  (1)

Maybe you have that daughter, or niece, son, or nephew, that is going into middle school or just preparing for it and have some anxiety or just questions about middle school. Gaby and the Best Middle School Self-Defense Book Ever may be a great resource to help get them through this new phase and also a good tool for what to possibly expect from middle school. It never hurts to have to much information if your afraid of the unknowning!

Let’s make sure we teach our kids to be prepared instead of how to deal or cope with the unexpected!

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