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Keep And Extra Set Of Eyes On Your Kids With A Pan And Tilt Baby Video Monitor

Having a baby transitioning into toddler hood along with a 5.5 year old kindergartner, lets say things can get chaotic. And as many know toddlers can be a handful. Living in home with multiple areas of play and exploration can make it much worse. From more chasing, to more cleaning, and to more discoveries of little adventures our kids have begun, cleanup and keeping tracking of them can be a workout. Having an extra set of hands is so helpful, but not really an option, so the next best option is another set of eyes.

vtech pan tilt video monitor VM333

Baby monitors are great for watching baby sleep and wake, but they have so many more uses. We personally have switched the use of our monitors from watching baby sleep, to monitoring the home for baby period. Our little toddler has so much energy and explorative ambition, that we find ourselves never really just getting a day of picking up not a lot, and I mean not just some things, but not a lot.

Its exhausting, but with a bay monitor there to monitor certain areas, I can keep track of what little missy is doing and tell them to get out of the trouble they or just one is getting themself into. It is not just about reducing cleanup, which is a big part of it of course, it is about safety. I have a piece of mind knowing I can see areas of the house that I would otherwise have to get up every 10 mins to make sure everything is sound and safe.

vtech pan tilt video monitor VM333 out of box

The VTECH Safe&Sound Pan & Tilit Baby Video Monitor is a great camera for keeping an eye on a space. With its motorized pan and tilt baby video monitor, it is easy to look almost entirely around a room, up to 270 degrees, making it perfect for a corner area. And with 124 degrees of up and down motion, this camera can be mounted on a wall and even higher thanks to the view area. Thanks to 25 frames per second, no more glitching and delayed action, see what is going on at the moment. This is super important with kids, when you hear crying or anything, it is nice to be able to really understand what is going on.

For night time, and say for use with a baby or maybe kids doing a slumber party in the family room, the inferred LED lets us see what is going on even in the dark. Lucky for us, we have a single story home, but know the hassle of having 2 stories and this saves so much time. With the talk-back intercom talking is easy to say stop or I am on my way.

vtech safe sound baby video monitor features

The parent unit features include a large color 2.8 inch color LCD screen. This high-resolution display lets you see what is going on, and with the 2x zoom feature, you can monitor a room, near and a far from the camera. Also built into the handheld unit is a temperature readout of the camera space.vtech pan tilt video monitor VM333 in use

Very helpful and useful is the option to have multiple cameras, you can also always buy extra ones at any time to add in. This is great for us who have toddlers, we can set up a camera in their different play areas ad bedrooms, its like having an extra set of eyes times 2, or , or 4. Camera views for multiple cameras can be set to split view and patrol, which switches from each camera to the next every 7 seconds. This camera can keep an eye on 4 rooms at once!

We were provided with a VTECH Safe & Sound video monitor.