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Healthy Choices from Caffeinated Club

This is a partnered post with Caffeinated Club.
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I am a busy mom of three. I often want a pick me up in the afternoon and there’s nothing like a cool soda with lunch to just really keep you satisfied and the caffeine gives you a boost. I am an active mom of three and while I want to enjoy sugary sodas it’s just not healthy.

Caffeinated Club puts a new twist on the traditional club soda by offering you an alternative to sugary sodas and energy drinks. Caffeinated Club offers you a healthier way to get some caffeine. Are you sick of those energy drinks with the strong aftertaste? Do you want something more refreshing than coffee, that leaves you with fresher breath? Caffeinated Club Soda offers all of that and more! Caffeinated Club is a calorie free drink, so it is a great way to cut back on those calories that can add up when drinking regular sodas.

club sodaBut,at the same time has the same amount of caffeine as a regular serving of Coca Cola! Caffeinated Club is also sugar free with no artificial coloring or sweeteners. It is a healthy way to ditch the chemicals without giving up the caffeine, or the flavor, you want. Caffeinated Club soda uses only triple filtered water in its process and is made in small batches to ensure greatness.

Drink Caffeinated Club Soda as a substitute for your morning coffee or drink it with lunch. Use it to help keep you energized throughout the day or  in the afternoon when you are feeling sluggish. Caffeinated Club Soda can also be used as a mixer for your favorite alcoholic beverages, for a clean refreshing cocktail that is free of chemicals and extra unwanted sugars. It is easy take with you on the go, so you always have one at the ready!

Caffeinated Club flavored club soda is available in Clear Club Soda, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Raspberry. It is a great new alternative to get your caffeine fix no matter what time of day or night it is. Caffeinated Club offers a great way to drink healthy and stay in shape without sacrificing flavor. Their motto is “We make club soda fun!” and it’s true!

This holiday season serve something better that still tastes great with Caffeinated Club!

How are you staying healthy this new year?