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Great For New Moms – Cake Maternity’s New CupCake Nursing Pads‏

Cupcake Nursing Pads (2)
As  mom of three I have used a lot of products and especially when my babies are little there are some things new moms need like nursing pads.
It’s important for me as a mom that I used reusable nursing pads and products that were safe for myself and my baby. CupCake Nursing Pads are the FIRST & ONLY 100% Organic Nursing pads on the market that can be customized to manage light, medium and heavy milk flow absorption. Cupcake Nursing Pads (3)

Unlike other pads that are scratchy, ill-fitting, and don’t stand up to leakage, CupCake “all-in-one” Nursing Pads have you covered. They are soft and even better washable. Cupcake Nursing Pads (1)

CupCake nursing pads are lovingly crafted from natural fibres, organic cotton and packaged with recyclable materials to reduce the ecological footprint. You can shop Cake Maternity today.