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Great Holiday Toy Ideas – The @VTECHToys Record and Learn KidiStudio. A Toddler Music Player.

This post is compensated by Vtech.

Our little girl is becoming quite the little artist and performer. From playing with her sisters, dancing, to drawing pictures, and playing with her toys she just loves to try new things. We were sent the VTECH Record & Learn KidiStudio designed for kids ages 3-6. Our almost 3 year old had a blast with this toddler music player and all of its many the sound effects, different instruments, keyboard, and microphone. With the zany changing sound effects, all of our kids having fun playing around with their little baby sister.


One of the first things Mia took notice to was the microphone. Once she realize it was her, she couldn’t stop singing and howling. I showed her the volume controls and sound voice changed and she has come up with some crazy sounds, she has a blast.


This little keyboard is like a little kids music studio. With the soundboard to control different effects, to the different songs and sound effects, as well as different instruments, there was a lot to play with  and many sounds to make. They can play their own music or play to any of the 20 prerecorded melodies. Mia had fun just playing with the new sounds and all the buttons as well as having control over the sounds and noise and just being vocal, it was so cute!


The keyboard is great too because it lights up and has a full range of keys to play through. They can learn to play the piano by following lights on the lights on the keyboard and learn by following them. They can even control the tempo and with the VTECH Record and Learn KidiStudio includes music from everything including Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Techno beats, there is just so much to play with. There is even a DJ feature with a turntable and whammy bar!


The keyboard can also recreate the sounds of a variety of different instruments letting kids record their masterpieces to share with loved ones. The limits seem endless making this a long lasting toys for kids to play for a long time. I remember being a kid and loving any little musical instrument I could find, even for little kids, its just natural that us humans love music, especially my kids!

The VTECH Record and Learn KidiStudio is a great gift for kids ages 3-6 years old. It is available at VTECHKids.com.