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Family Is Too Important. Let’s Not Let Family Addiction Ruin Anymore Families

I partnered with http://www.bestdrugrehabilitation.com/ to share my personal journey and story of why I try my best to be there for my family. Family Addiction and drugs tears apart families and communities and maybe by sharing my story, people will be more inclined to help anyone they see with a problem. Its better to address something a problem, then to ignore… ask any doctor.

One of the most important accomplishments that I have reached and continue to focus on is my kids. Having kids is something that is not just a choice that can be taken without all seriousness. Yes we love them and all the cute and bubbly things they do and create, but everything else around raising them can be many times exhausting. From taking them places, to teaching them all of life’s dangers, it can be worrisome that we teach them our best we can so they make the best future decisions they can.

Having come from a childhood of not the normalcy, let’s just say my parents made very poor decisions after having their first and only child, me. People say it’s sad that so and so ruined their lives, but many times it’s the lives around so and so that can also be damaged. I can admit at times I have been sad of course, but as I have grown I have come to realize that nothing was my fault and that my future is to be determined by me, maybe it’s a little selfish or maybe it’s just a good way to deal with it all. Luckily I also have great family there who made up for it.

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Regardless, I have always made the commitment to myself, even as a young man, that I would always be the best father I can be. By being there for my kids and  through it all, they understand that their father truly loves them no matter what. From the cleaning up, to the crying and tantrums, my oldest is starting to show and tell me how good of a job I have done. Not just her, but her teachers at school and with any activity she has done, so many have always given all of our kid’s positive praise . They are doing top in their classes, behave excellently, and are just good kids. These are the things I hear that let me know I have done the best that I can, and that even when I thought I could have done better, I have done just fine.

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So why may it be important for someone like myself to have this goal and to view being a dad as my biggest accomplishment? Many reasons can be said, but one that really drives me is to not follow the bad choices of my parents. What tore us apart was simple, drug addiction. Some years after I was born, they got sucked into the wrong crowd and made small but life altering choices, drugs. They got in trouble for drug related activities and to this day I have never really wanted to know the details, and still don’t. With my mother have passed away some years ago now, I really have no reason to want to know, I wish it was a part of my life that never had happened, but it did. So as a father, I really make choices and my decisions based on my kids.

I think one of the best things we can all do for each other, our families, is to think of others. Many times just being involved and getting drug treatment and really working with someone can lead to positive outcomes. For my parents, during the 1980’s drug addiction and substance abuse was something that was swept under the rug and treated like a physical disease, with incarceration and other medication drugs. It is a mental and emotional disease that needs to be helped with proper attention and treatment; it is not worth just sweeping it under the rug. If you ever see someone who has a problem, do not just ignore it. There is real help out there these days.