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Easily Make Extra Money Online This Holiday

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZEA for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

izea make money blogging I started blogging online in 2006 as a way to journal about my life. I have always been inspired by words and after reading and writing a lot of poetry I knew it was time for me to have my own space.

I would write personal updates about my life as a new mom, going through college and all the troubles in between. Blogging and writing content online quickly grew from much more than a journal when I found Izea.

Back when I first started working with IZEA it was with PayPerPost, and back then my blogspot blog didn’t even have it’s own domain name. In fact many of you don’t know this sites original name was AnOrdinaryLife. It was in 2009 that I re-branded and really took my brand seriously with the help from my husband, Del we transofrmed our brand.

My first big paycheck from IZEA was the most rewarding, I still remember every detail as if it were yesterday. Every video, those first few sponsored posts. Connecting with highly sought after brands happened shortly there after but at the time I was so motivated to make what I had started something much bigger.

In 2011 IZEA rewarded my highly quality content with this award. That year I invested in a new camera and started adding text to my images. Bloggers everywhere followed my lead and it’s now a standard for us all. izea 2011 was an incredible year of growth and change for me. It feels like just yesterday but so much has happened since then but this award sits on my desk as a reminder. A reminder to where I started and a reminder to never give up. Create better content, higher quality assets for content, and to better connect with brands.

I won’t tell you how much money I make but I will tell you this. Work hard at everything you do. If you love something, do it with all your heart. Do as much of the things you love as often as you can and keep them close.

I truly love what I do and working with brands and connecting with brands is what IZEA does and it pays well.

This holiday season have extra money to spend and start with sign up with IZEA  then start creating your own ordinary life!

How are you making money creating content in partnership with brands?


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