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The Importance Of Early Detection Of Scoliosis In Children

The early detection of scoliosis, is so important that Dr. Howard An, a leading spinal surgeon; and Dr. Christopher DeWald, the head of spinal deformity at the Midwest Orthopedics at Rush (MOR); have created a Do-At-Home-Test to detect the onset of the disease. They are making it available to the public for free! Scoliosis is a disease of the spine that develops gradually over time. It is the irregular curvature of the spine, usually in a a “C” or an “S” shape. It is very important for early detection of scoliosis in children.

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If it is left undetected and thus untreated, it can lead to complications with the heart and with the lungs. You can order your free Scoliosis Test in the pediatric section of www.rushortho.com. The assessment comes with a 9×40 inch chart to help parents keep track of the spine health and growth of their child. It also includes a life size spine graphic and helpful information on how to recognize scoliosis. It is important to find and address problems before they become to unmanageable. Preventative and being aware is some of the best ways to keep ourselves feeling good enough to function.

3 to 5 children out of every 1000 will develop spinal curves that will cause life changing alterations. The bends that can be over 50 degrees require treatment and without can lead to heart and lung problems.


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If you fear that your child has scoliosis contact MOR for more information. Midwest Orthopedics at Rush have leading spine surgeons in the nation to diagnose and treat young patients. Early detection is very important for so many reasons.

We [artnered on this post to share information on Scoliosis for children in hopes to help people with questions on the subject.