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Keep The Family Hydrated with DripDrop Electrolyte Replacement Powder

With winter upon us, it is time for the sniffles, and coughs, and eventual and possible cold and flu like symptoms. Having 3 kids all in school and daycare, it is important we do our best to keep germs to a minimum along with showing our kids to wash their hands and blow their noses.

But we cannot always do everything to prevent the simple cold. Lucky we have not come down with any major cases, just a few headaches and not feeling the best. We make sure they get the rest they need and fluids to keep their bodies in top health. Dehydration is not good for anyone, especially little kids and dehydration is one of the biggest problems kids have when they get sick. I am sure many and most parents know the frustration and even worry of when our kids are not feeling well and we make that late night run to buy a hydration solution to help them. Many times, I have ventured out to several places late at night, just to come home with something that my kid didn’t like. And with 3 kids, this has happened more than just once, per kid.


DripDrop is a new way to help with this issue to keep kids hydrated no matter, all year round. We know the importance of drinking plenty of water every day, but it is not the only thing kids benefit from. We also need the right amount of electrolyte replacement to support normal healthy living. When we get rid of those minerals through excessive water loss and dehydration, it is important to replenish them adequately. This is where DripDrop comes in.dripdrop benefits

DripDrop is a simple electrolyte powder that can be at home and on the go. It comes in small pouch that can be carried easily in a bag, purse, car or pocket. Being in powder form, there is not bulky storage and use is on-demand.

But the best part is it has a great taste! DripDrop was formulated and created by a family physician who wanted to make a better tasking electrolyte replacement. Understood was the frustration of parents, when our kids refused the tastes of bottle shelf electrolytes, I concur. DripDrop was created for even the pickiest kids, providing delicious DripDrop flavors, while keeping up the hydration.

dripdrop electrolyte powder

DripDrop is a great solution to staying—and keeping—hydrated all days, at home, on the go, doing dance, on the sports field, dealing with cold or flu symptoms, the list goes on.

Have you ever had that late night rush to the drug store to find an electrolyte solution that your toddler wanted nothing to do with, and just wanted them to be hydrated?

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