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Disney’s New Toddler Learning Apps For iPad – #DisneyImagicademy

I have no problem admitting I let my kids play on our smartphones once in a while and to make matters even more, we bought the youngest kids an iPad Mini for themselves. It is not theirs to do as they please, but it is there for entertainment and moments where we just need a break. So finding fun new interactive games for them is always something we look out for. But learning games are even better!

Disney Imagicademy Parents mickeys magical math world app

Mickey’s Magical Math World, compatible with iPad (2nd generation or higher) & Disney Imagicademy: Parents for iPad (2nd gen or higher) and iPhone are 2 new apps to help parents and kids stay active together on and offline. For the kids Mickeys Math is great for fun and to waste time, but still learning. And Imagicademy: Parents is fun to find new ideas and things.

Disney Imagicademy Mickeys Math World app

With Mickey’s Magical Math World I am OK knowing my children are having fun with their favorite Disney Characters, Mickey and his pals, but they are learning and solving problems and exploring and finding out what can happen with the click of a finger. This fun-filled Space adventure lets our little adventurer explore different regions of the planet playing with fun math concepts, colors, shapes, and more. But the real fun is playing in the fully immersive and interactive playground of planet Disney.

Disney Imagicademy Mickeys Math app toddler playing (2)

Kids can explore, recognize and identify shapes with Mickey’s Rocket Build; Play with numbers and patterns within Minnie’s Robot Playground; Ponder early number concepts with Donald’s Alien Number Line; Explore Counting to 10 and early problem solving with Donald’s Sleepwalking Aliens and experiment with shapes, patterns and sorting skills with Goofy.

Disney Imagicademy Mickeys Math app toddler playing (3)

Mickey’s Magical Math World was created for kids ages 3-8, with a focus to engage children through the fun of Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy while teaching them and enriching their creativity and imagination through exploration and learning.

Disney Imagicademy Mickeys Math app toddler playing (4)

The great things about Mickey’s Magical Math World is that our 3 year old can have fun playing around while also learning how to count, learning her colors and working on shapes. With all the mini interaction going on in this world, she can find something that will do something, many times while teaching her to count or something new!

Disney Imagicademy Mickeys Math app toddler playing (1)

What is great about Disney’s toddler learning apps for iPad is my kids move from repetitive game play to playing in colorful worlds and playing simple learning games. All of the games and different character worlds work together to teach in meaningful and very playful ways.

Disney Imagicademy Parents (7)

Also with the Disney Imagicademy: Parents app we can see how our 3 and 6 year old are doing with Mickey’s Magical Math World. We can see their latest creations, provide a virtual “high five” for encouragement and share what they have learned and accomplished with others online.  And for us parents, the Disney Imagicademy: Parents app lets me see how my kids are doing on Mickey’s Magical Math World. There is also the Imagicademy community. We can find information to finds ways to have fun with our kids, hands-on in meaningful ways.

Disney Imagicademy Parents app

We can also find advice, tips, and more on ways to help our children grow with new daily articles and Imagicademy-inspired activities for even more fun! Also included is a free community parent portal, free Disney Store events, books and magazines, and hands-on learning tools to put these digital ideas into real world use.

Check out the Disney Imagicademy: Parents apps now available for the different iPad models. Look for it in Apple’s App Store under the Kids, Education and Entertainment categories. For more of what is new and going on, check out and join in the hashtag #DisneyImagicademy AND #CleverGirls with Disney on Twitter and Disney on Facebook.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.