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Cooking Spices Subscription – Door Delivery Gift Idea


Attention all foodies and aspiring chefs! RawSpiceBar.com is what you have been waiting for! This new online service will deliver new and amazing spices to your door, with diversity from all over the world and for all palettes. What not a better way to try new food, than to focus on the essence of the dish, the flavor. How it works is very simple, exotic new spices are sourced and shipped for use in amazing dishes.raw spice bar how it works

Their “primary mission is to enable cooks to incorporate 3 unique, global, freshly ground spice blends, especially those that are not yet prominent in the US, into everyday cooking each month. Our spice box also makes a great gift for foodies and new chefs.” RawSpiceBar.com makes sure each spice blend is created by top chefs and is toasted to maintain optimum flavor. Then they are freshly ground and combined with over ten different spices to make one of a kind flavors.

raw spice bar spice samples

Examples from RawSpiceBar.com include pumpkin spice, a chili powder, Vadouvan, and Za’atar spices.  Subscribe today and have fresh small batches of unique spices delivered right to your door! For only $6 a month you will get 3-4 globally unique spice blends from one region at a time with recipe cards on how to use them! Each batch contains enough spices to create three different dishes and can feed up to 12 people.

raw spice bar monthly service

This membership includes free delivery, the spices themselves, recipe cards and access to more recipes online. This cooking spices subscription includes the history behind the spice, the origin they were derived from along with tasting notes, bonus spices, tips, additional discounts and more. For the foodie in your or for those wanting new ideas, check out RawSpiceBar.com for a way to get those new ideas and recipes.

We partnered with RawSpiceBar.com to share their new service available for those food adventurers like ourselves!

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  1. David on December 18, 2014 at 9:23 am

    Something tells me that I have had many of the spices like the Vadouvan, and Za’atar , but have just never heard of them.