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Conquer Children’s Nightmares With P’Jamerz

Having 3 young daughters is a lot of work. Having any amount of kids is a lot of work. But I have loved every minute of it, and have sometimes been tested in many others. Having kids is a lot of work from sun up to sun down. Getting them up and ready for school is sometimes dragged out and just seems not never gives us the time we need, but it is not as hard as getting them into and to bed is.


Luckily we have not had many scares throughout the night. But we have had little ones that crawled into bed with us at night. Our middle child, when she was about 3-4, she would sometimes get scared and not want to sleep in her bed. But we had to make sure she felt comfortable and safe, so we made sure to get good night-lighting and a god story.

PJamerz sketch (1)

Having a creative toy like P’Jamerz is a way to help children get ready for bed while realize that monsters and villains are just cartoons. And with a small plush character who is cuddly and cute, it becomes a make believe tale, that could help any child realize that bad dreams are nothing more than just a bad story. It is important for children to get the proper sleep, to keep them on track for the day. If children can get to bed easily, fall asleep easily, wake up easily, and are not tired during the day, then most likely they are getting proper amounts of sleep which is important for their productive little lives.


The story P’Jamerz is a fun and colorful way for kids to kick children’s nightmares. Kids can fall asleep as they go to a new magical place in the kingdom of Dreamworld, guarded by the enchanted fairies. But the villian Knightmare is the baddie here who seeks to destroy all the good in Dreamworld. Children are asked for help by The fairies to take back Dreamworld from the clutches of Knightmare. Being positive and happy, and not sad will help children with the purest of heart and truest of imaginations to be the heroes of Dreamworld.


The benefits to something such as P’Jamerz is there to help children conquer their fears of nightmares to sleep better without resorting to sleep medications or therapy, which can all be very costly. The motto at P’Jamerz is that children can use their imagination in a positive way to beat any sleep time fears.