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The Many Use With The voxoom Wireless TV headphones system

We are sharing how the voxoom wireless TV headphone is a great way for those who want to watch their the TV without bothering others.Sitting in bed watching TV, or the kids wanting wake up early and watch cartoons on the weekend, there are many reasons for the use of TV headphones. However watching TV while using traditional wireless headphones can many times have the problem with lip-sync and action synchronization issues. It’s no fun to watch a favorite show or movie with the sound have a slight delay to the picture. With more than a 150 ms delay in transmitting the sound, this will make what is being watched seem very off with what is seen and heard.

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Using a wireless TV headphones system in a busy household can help everyone hear what they want to hear without bothering others. . Using a TV headphone can help share family TV time with less fighting over who controls the air space and what noise fills it. Or help those elder family members who’s hearing just is not the best anymore. No more loud TVs while avoiding wires.The voxoom wireless TV headphones system uses a Time Correct™ Bluetooth® enabled aptX® Low Latency codec, which simple means a digital transmission of data which is converted instantly into sound.

AptX® audio coding allows for CD quality music and sound effects for high quality streaming audio which does away with typical delays between noise and visual. CSR aptX Low Latency rids of this delay by delivering a less than 40 ms latency. No more out of sync singing, explosions and gunshots, car scenes, keep up with what’s going on.

Wireless TV Headphones (1)The voxoom headphones include a TV BlueCaster for any HDTV/Plasma TV/LED TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and any TV for audio outputs with an optical audio (TOSLINK.) You can also use this with any system that can use a 3.5mm audio aux jack. Hook it up and turn it all on and you are good to go.

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There is also an option to connect your Smartphone so your sound is silenced on incoming calls allowing you to take the call instantly. You can also transfer the call between the headsets and you’re your paried smartphone. The voxoom headphones supports remote control of play/pause previous/next track volume up/down on your smartphones, tablet, iPad, iPhone or android phones (Samsung Galaxy, Tabs and Notes). Range up to 33 ft.

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  1. David on December 20, 2014 at 9:05 am

    That is a clever invention. It seems like it would also be ideal for watching TV when there is noise outside of your home, like fireworks or construction work.