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Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for Teenagers in the Summer

Working part-time during summer is a great way for teenagers to learn the value of hard work and money. It is the first step that your teen makes towards becoming a responsible and independent adult. It is therefore important that you be by your teen’s side to guide him or her while making that all-important step. Choosing a summer job that is in line with your teen’s interests and temperament will ensure that they don’t quit and stay motivated all summer.

There are so many things your teenager can do. Here’s our pick of ten best summer jobs for teenagers.

  1. Babysitting: Babysitting is the ideal job for teenagers who love kids. Girls are almost always preferred over boys as babysitters as the job calls for maternal instincts. Babysitters are always in demand and paid well too, and it’s easy to get started with a family you know.
  1. Dog Walking and Pet sitting: There are families with pets but are too busy to take them for walks. If your family has a dog and your teenager is good with animals, becoming a dog walker can be an enjoyable and rewarding part time job. If your teen is serious about this line of work, he or she could also pet sit animals while their owners are away. He or she could even get trained in handling dogs and become an expert dog-carer who is well paid.
  1. Craft Making: Your artistic and creative teen can have a fun time and get rewarded well by making and selling handmade jewellery, curios and knitwear. They could organize a fair and sell their wares locally as well as sell them online.
  2. Tutoring: Tutoring younger kids would be a great experience for a teenager who loves kids and wants to be a teacher. Getting some hands on experience as a teacher and helping a younger child get better with reading, writing or even math would definitely be an enriching experience for your teen. And, most parents will be more than happy to pay good money to a tutor who is good!
  1. Summer Camp Counselling: Becoming a summer camp counselor can be a great experience for a teenager who loves the outdoors and enjoys working with kids. Staying away for a few weeks and being responsible for other kids will be a great learning experience.
  2. Newspaper Delivery: Even in this age of internet and smartphones, newspapers and magazines are still popular. Getting a newspaper route will be a great employment opportunity for your teen and it is sure to teach him or her to be responsible.
  3. Lawn mowing and yard work: Mowing the lawn and doing yard-work will be an excellent choice of work for a teenager who likes to work hard and doesn’t mind getting his or her hands dirty. It’s also a great workout and will make sure that your kid stays fit this summer.
  4. Waiting tables: Most restaurants would love to hire energetic teenagers as waiters. Waiting tables in restaurants will be a good lesson in patience for your teen, and he or she can earn extra in tips by taking good care of the customers.
  5. Baking: If your teenager is good in the kitchen and loves to bake, making and selling cakes, cookies and desserts will be a good summer occupation. He or she could even start a Facebook page to promote the little ‘bakery’!
  6. House Cleaning: Your teenager can work as a house cleaner for busy families and earn good money during summer. It takes a lot of patience and is of course tiring, however chances are that you will notice that his or her room is tidier than usual by the end of the summer.


Earning their first buck will be one of the happiest moments for your teen because nothing beats the taste of that first ice cream that you buy with your own money. You could make that moment sweeter for your kid by helping him or her make the right choice!