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Running My First Half Marathon #AvengersHalf at Disneyland


The day is finally here, tomorrow we leave for Disneyland for my first Disney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. It’s funny because I told myself 3 years ago that I was going to run those 13.1 miles and complete a run Disney race. It was yet another rainy gloomy day and little did I know I’d find myself years later now living in California and finally finishing what I told myself I would do, and could do all those years ago. running

I feel ready for the most part. Nervous about getting stuck and losing a good pace. Nervous about not finishing, somehow giving up doesn’t feel like an option but I still feel incredibly nervous. Everyone says your first race you just want to finish so you rush through and stop little to enjoy the process. Disney without a doubt provides high quality entertainment and there is promised to be plenty to keep us running for all 13.1 miles.

I feel ready and strong, stronger than I have ever been. I’m not a quitter either so I will push on until the very end.

Tomorrow is the day and I couldn’t be more excited!