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Hot For Holiday – The Wubble Ball

This post is brought to you by the Wubble Ball.
hot holiday toys222The holiday season is upon us, and so brings with it the age old question of what to get for the kids in your life? Well, wonder no longer because I have the answer for you! The Wubble Bubble Ball is here!  It puts a fun twist on the age old toy- the ball. This ball acts like a bubble as it floats through the air shifting shapes, but is durable just like an ordinary ball!

wubble ballEver want to touch a bubble but know that once you do, the magic is gone and it pops? Well, the Wubble Bubble Ball solves that problem! The kids can kick the Wubble Bubble Ball, they can throw it up in the air, bounce it and even jump on it! They can do anything to it that they would any ordinary ball. Frank Landi, President of NSI, has created the ultimate toy for kids ages 6 and up! The Wubble Bubble Ball is on the Top Toys list for the 2014 holiday season.

wubble ball kailaIt is the Family Fun Toy of the Year and is being represented in Family Fun Magazine this month. It has the National Parenting Center seal of approval, which lets me know that the Wubble Bubble Ball is not only tons of fun, but is safe for my kids. The Wubble Bubble Ball is made from a soft, lightweight material that is inflatable and grows up to 3 feet tall in only two minutes! It is available at Target, Toys R Us and online at wubbleball.com and comes in six different colors, sure please any child’s discriminating taste!

Buy the Wubble Ball at Target this holiday season!