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Great Gifts For Grandparents- bocandy : Monthly Candy From Around The World

We partnered with Bocandy to share their awesome international Candy Service. Check out Bocandy NOW for a FREE FIRST Months Bocandy Subscription!!!


grandparents gifts

Grandparents are so hard to buy gifts for. They always seem to have everything they want and never need anything when you ask. You have to get creative and I know one thing my Grandmother enjoys is candy. What better of a gift than to give the Grandparents in your life a taste form around the world with bocandy.

BoCandy Candle Sample Japan France Spain (4)
Bocandy is pretty simple. You sign up for either 4 months, 6 months, or 8 months worth, or set recurring shipments. Then you will get the best candies and treats from around the world at the beginning of every month, just watch out for the mail truck. From soft, to hard, and spicy, to fruity, these candies are all great in their in own ways. It was a nice surprise to get a box of unique candies that were so good and that I would have never had if it wasnt thanks to Bocandy!

BoCandy Candle Sample Japan France Spain (2)

We received a box to try out and received an assortment of candies. The ginger candies are always a favorite but there were also treats from France and China. It was a delightful taste from around the world and would make a great gift this holiday season. The candies vary in ingredients and flavors and styles, but all were very good, nothing like what we find here usually.

BoCandy Candle Sample Japan France Spain (5)

I do find myself getting bored and I avoid many candies, because of the high fat content. Lucky with many of these international candies, they came in many delicious flavors making the focus on the quality not the quantity. If you’re looking for that gift for the person who has everything try out Bocandy today! Right now you can also try it for the first month FREE!!!

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  1. Amanda A on November 12, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    These are interesting! I haven’t seen them before.