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Freshen Your Clothes – Reviver Clothing Swipes


Being a busy mom of 3, sometimes I don’t always have the time, or am near a change of clothes for any smells that can come up. From days at the amusement parks and stinking at Disneyland or Knotts, or having to run errands  after a Zumba class or the gym, even just a hot day can sometimes leave clothes smelling a little not so fresh. With the sweat, heat, and even just the dirt in the air, clothes can become unfresh.

Reviver Clothing Swipes, (www.reviver.com) is an easy way to refresh my clothing while on the go. These swipes are dry odor-eliminating wipes and can be used to freshen clothes and hair, anywhere and on the go.  These are great to keep in the car and small enough to keep one in my clutch style purse. Each swipe can be used over 10 times to revive and provide a fresh scent to my clothes.

Reviver also has a pet line that is great for freshening up your pet!

08_05_13_process_reviverpets_10I like to work out and as a busy mom I often run from my gym class to picking up my kiddos from school or running errands. Lets face it when you work hard you might stink so it’s nice to have something that will freshen your clothes. I know they’d also be the perfect stocking stuffer for any active mom!

Find out more at www.reviver.com.