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Get Wreck-It Ralph Free With The Disney Movies Anywhere Android App

Walt Disney Studios and Google Play partnered to bring millions of U.S. Android users awesome movies from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel digital movie collections with Disney Movies Anywhere. Disney Movies Anywhere lets people like us enjoy all of our favorite Disney titles on the go. All of our Digital Copies are brought with us in a digital collection. We can watch our own Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies in one place, at home and on the go.

Check it out and download the Disney Movies Anywhere android app by connecting with your Google account.

To celebrate this tech awesomeness, Disney Movies Anywhere users who create and connect a new account can get a free digital copy of the Disney film “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Wreck-It DMA image

Don’t forget TODAY is also the release of “Maleficent,” one of the year’s biggest hits, and Disney’s animated “Planes: Fire & Rescue,” both out on digital and Blu-ray today.

In Disney Movies Anywhere, consumers can explore Disney’s library of over 400 active digital titles from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel; preview upcoming offerings and enjoy hours of free new and exclusive short-form content; and discover curated content based on their individual preferences. In addition to browsing titles available for purchase, consumers can redeem Digital Copy codes found in Disney, Pixar, and Marvel Blu-rays and DVDs directly in Disney Movies Anywhere, as well as earn Disney Movie Rewards points for digital purchases.

Get the Disney Movies Anywhere App free in the Google Play store here or in the iTunes App Store. You can also sign up at the Disney Movies Anywhere website.