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How to Choose the Right Frames for Kids’ Eyeglasses?

So your kid has been to the ophthalmologist and has been prescribed eyeglasses. You are partially awed at the prospect of your young one’s first entry into the bespectacled world of grown-ups but then reality confronts you. You have to walk into the eyewear shop with your kid in tow and choose the eyewear. The task at hand, to choose a durable frame that will fits and suits your child well and at the same time being appealing to your kid is something that would be called challenging by any mom.

Choosing the right frame could however go a long way in ensuring your kid takes to wearing his eyeglasses as routine to help his or her vision. Here are some steps that you could follow as a responsible parent as groundwork before the anticipated visit to the optician!

  • Know the lens While you need not know why your kid needs eyeglasses as well as the doctor, you need to know what problem of vision is being corrected for your kid, whether it is long sightedness, shortsightedness or so. If the optician recommends a thicker lens as per the prescription, fashion notwithstanding, a smaller frame would do better.
  • The right fit The frame needs to sit well on your child’s face, obviously. Ensure that the frame does not touch the cheeks even when smiling and that there is good support around the temples. You don’t want that fancy frame slipping off every two minutes!
  • Check the latest While the fashion question is to be addressed a step later, it is imperative that you check out websites that talk of eyewear fashion and trends. Browsing through eyeglass collections, one can form a fairly good idea.
  • Plastic or Metal? Listen to what your optician has to recommend on this. Previously plastic was the first choice for kid’s frames since it was considered pretty durable and less prone to damage, but of late, metal frames (also called wires) have come back into vogue after incorporating much of the features. If you are opting for metal, do a check as to whether your kid needs hypoallergenic metal since some kids react badly to alloys containing nickel.
  • The Fashion Question Children usually depend a lot on peer group support during these formative years, so listen to what the kid has to say about trends being “cool” and “uncool” before adding your opinion to it. Being left out in a group because of an “uncool” eyeglasses frame sounds pretty remote, but it does not hurt to be trendy! Take active interest in making sure your kid chooses a frame that goes well with his or her facial features.

Regarding colour of the frame, remember dark frames make light coloured eyes stand out well. Choosing a not so garish colour would also be sensible so that it blends in with daily wear smoothly.

  • Proper Bridge This little detail on the eyeglass is a mixture of style and comfort. The bridge of the frame should be chosen carefully.  Bridges can drastically change the visual impact of the face. For instance, a coloured bridge can give the impression that eyes which are otherwise set wide apart, are not really that apart.
  • Durability, Back Ups Kids can be rough and tough on their eyewear. In the rough and tumble of their active daily lives, it is unreasonable to expect their frames to be entirely intact by the end of a couple of months. Talk to your kid about the importance of taking good care of it and even get him or her a neck chain. Investing in a second pair of frames as a spare is also highly advisable.