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Pay Off Your Auto Loan With Cars.com #NewCarFace

I remember the first car I bought. It was not brand new, but of course to me it was new. I won’t mention what it was, but I kept it clean and the oil changed. It wasn’t too soon after that I decided to make the switch to a newer used car, this one being a couple years past current model, compared to my first being a decade older.

me in the car

It was great even having a 10 year new car. The technology, efficiency and finish were just so different. Then after a couple of more years later, as I grew up and got older, I had more money and had also been saving my money for a brand new car I had been eyeing. I made that big leap and bought my very first brand new car. I drove it off the lot with 6 miles on the odometer, and babied it. I still remember the feeling of how proud I was to had worked hard enough to buy this awesome new car I had wanted, such a rewarding experience!

Cars.com “#NewCarFace” contest is here to make your decade. Take a photo of you and your new (or new to you) car and you may be the lucky winner to have your auto loan paid off, up to $25,000! Check it out and share your new car face. Think about it, pay off your new or somewhat new car, and free up the payment for a brand new car, the options are many!

cars newcarface contest

Take a picture or find one from that memorable day. Share it online using the #NewCarFace hashtag. Mention @CarsDotCom and share it with your friends, family and the world!

All drive no drama!

Now that I have a family, I have moved on from buying something that fits my needs. We purchased out last new car, used, but to use it was so much more than our previous vehicle that it was of a newer generation. We are getting ready to make a new car purchase this next year and are debating out options. With so many choices and deals out there to find, using a website like cars.com can help me to start figuring out what we want and need, and where to buy.

What would you do if you had $25,000 to pay off an auto loan? Do you have any exciting stories of that new car feeling or plans to buy something new for the year or next year model?

Check out the Cars.com NewCarFace rules and more on the contest here at cars.com.

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  1. Amanda A on November 5, 2014 at 12:12 pm

    Well this coming year we have been talking about getting something bigger. Although the truck fits 6 and we would all fit. I guess I would rather take the $25,000 and pay off the truck so we wouldn’t have that car payment anymore and make do with the truck when all 6 of us are in one car. I actually just looked into how much we owe for a payoff on the truck and it’s finally under 20,000. All the kids and I fit in my Camry and I just got it last December so I have no desire trading it in. I LOVE it!