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The Soap Seat – The Best Bar Soap Holder

With all the different types of ways and products available to wash ourselves these days, I am still the kind of person who prefers to use old fashioned bar soap. Yes I have a preference and I also have a method, such as using a luffa, but I find that bar soap gives me the best clean feeling.

What I have always disliked about using bar soap however the mess it makes is. Many soap dishes are shallow or they are too deep, create a hassle and mess to use bar soap outisde a shower that is easier to clean up. When it’s too shallow, the bar of soap slips and flips right out, and in a smaller bath or shower stall, it can be a pain to pick up. Soap dishes that are too deep also collect water and end up just making the bar into a mushy mess.

soap seat

There is a fix to all that and it’s the Soap Seat. This clever bar soap holder is designed to give you the best of both dish worlds. It has a smaller set drain to let the water not pool up, but is also deep to keep the bar securely in place while using a luffa or just grabbing it by hand.

The Soap Seat can be used in many places from the shower, bath to the kitchen sink. It has a removeable seat that is easily dishwasher safe and accommodates many different shapes of soaps.

soap seat size

Check it out and save yourself the frustration of dropping the soap in the shower or on the kitchen floor and anywhere else you use bar soaps. Plus avoid the mess from soap dishes that dont drain properly.

soap seat types of soap bars
Check out the Soap Seat Kickstater currently in progress to contribute and get a soap seat of your own. For those who know the difficulty of handling soap, or those like me who dont like to handle soap becuase of feeling issues, this makes it easy to use the soap without loosing grip of it.

This post is brought to you by the makers of the Soap Seat.